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“In this world, nothing can be said certain, except death and taxes…”

– Benjamin Franklin –

Why Us?

Tax Compliance
  • Individual Income Tax Returns (1770/1770S/1770SS)
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns (1771)
  • Monthly Corporate Tax Compliance for WHT Article 21, 23/26, Final Tax 4(2)
  • Monthly Corporate Tax Compliance for Value Added Tax
Tax Diagnostic

NeoSentra Team will conduct Tax Diagnostic Review (TDR) to find any potential taxable financial transactions to prepare the most proper Tax Planning process.

Tax Dispute

We assist you to fairly settling any tax dispute resolution such as objection against a tax assessment notice and appeal against a tax objection decision, including a tax judicial review application to the Supreme Court.

Payroll Outsourcing

Our Team will manage the payroll reporting for your company, including the calculation of Take Home Pay & Payable Tax.

Certified Tax Consultant & Tax Legal Services

We are Experienced Registered Professional Tax Consultant Team, Reliable Service Quality, and Best Value for Your Business Scale Budget.


One Stop Solution for Your Tax Situation

A good Tax Consultant understands tax laws, and not only able to advise strategies that minimize obligations while also reducing the chance of an audit that could lead to a conflict with Government Tax Authorities, but also capable of giving all necessary supports for the client in the court of law if needed with our credible Law Firm (NeoSentra L.A.W).

NeoSentra’s Tax Advisor/Consultant Team are equipped with advanced training and knowledge of Indonesian Tax Laws and regulations in order to minimize taxation while remain compliant with the rules even in a complicated financial situation. Our Seasoned Team is also well prepared to represent clients before tax authorities and tax courts to resolve any tax issues.

Reducing Complexity

The good news is, Indonesia is growing. But the consequences are the tax laws and regulations need to be adjusted all the time. Indonesia has 6 underlying laws with hundreds of their derivative regulations and thus, We need to always updating Our understanding on those rapid changes. NeoSentra Team will do that for you as it is the core of Our being, to get rid of the hassle from your day to day business activities.

Saving Time

With all those complexities, in order to be able to catching-up with the rapid changes, you are going to need a reliable support to handle all of your tax related activities, from analysis, planning and up to reporting in such a timely manner. TIME, is indeed the crucial part of reporting your taxation result, and NeoSentra is here for you. We save your productive time so you can focus more on growing your business.

Direct Approach

Yes, there are plenty of expensive Tax Softwares out there in the market. For the cheap ones, no you don’t want to buy something cheap for your taxation, right? But most users only learn that they still need a Tax Advisor to help them with the planning and the business dynamics on a daily basis right after they spent a significant amount of investment for the software, that comes along with an ever binding subscription ahead. We use Software to help Our process, but the real deal is in the Professional Abilities of Our Team that operating any necessary softwares/apps. It is Us, not the softwares that serving you.

Valuable Investment

It is not just about how much you spend on partnering with Us. It is also about how much unnecessary tax payment you can preserve. Not to mention, how much money you will save from the penalty for any “failure to comply” with the prevailing regulations. And if we do quantize the time saved, it will contribute significantly to your team’s productivities. And the headache for all tax related legal impact on your business? We might just save your sanity and your business here.

Strategic Partnership

Sometimes people hire certain consultants for the big name. And sometimes for the price tag. But how exactly do you know which one is the right one for you? Well, simply look at your business field, and see if the consultant that you about to choose really understand your business before else. Then, see if they understand you as the businessman objectively. For the budget, there are times when one size doesn’t fit all. And the right consultant will be able to determine fairly on how much you need to invest on them by also considering the complexity of your tax situation and the scale of your business at the moment. We might be just the right one for you. Let’s find out!

Essential Service Package

With Our Team, You Are In Good Hands

  • Our Team Expertise is Proven.
  • Full range of Taxation Services.
  • In-house Legal Support for Tax Law cases.
  • Integrated Business Consulting Services.
  • Best Value for Your Investment.


We treat all informations with industrial grade system and comply fully with the applicable laws and regulations. We fully respect all privacy and we did not use or keep your data other than those being used to deliver Our services to you and all related parties under your written consent.

Licensed & Certified

We have seasoned Team with varied specialties across any tax related fields. Our Team is equipped with all necessary Certifications and Licenses to conduct and provide services to the clients. We have the professional skills and abilities to relieve you from the burden of your tax related issues.

Ease By Expertise

Our wide range of experience and expertise will become a valuable asset for your business by providing you with a precisely calculated tax management aimed for compliance and effective tax planning, including all further legal assessment and impact that might occurred during your business activities.

“Tax will bring you down regardless of all your beautifully crafted business strategy if you fail to comply with the rapidly changing regulations nowadays. That’s why you need an appropriate planning and execution to maintain your entire business or even your entire life when it comes to taxation. But let us bear in mind that a very well managed tax policy will be powerful for the government to bring goodness to all people, and that’s why we need to pay our taxes accordingly, and properly.”

-M. P. Wardhani-

Tax Consulting Chief of NeoSentra 3CTC

(Certified and Licensed Tax Consultant & Tax Attorney)

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