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“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.”

– Aristotle –

Your Justice Is Our Priority

Sometimes you get involved with legal problems without you even know it, both directly and indirectly.

And turns out, it also began to potentially disrupt the running of your daily activities, and even have impacts on your personal life.

This is the time when you need legal certainty and clarity according to your needs and circumstances.

In such a situation, surely you will need help and legal protection in order to get justice in dealing with it.

At NeoSentra L.A.W, we dedicate all our experience and abilities with all our heart to be able to help you get the best legal solution that you deserve.

Primary Practice Areas

General Practices

Legal Opinion

Legal Advice

Legal Assistance

Legal Representation

Legal Investigation

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Business Law

Legal Drafting

Legal Notice

Business Contracts

Commercial Agreements

Intellectual Property

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Corporate Law

Employment Contract

Industrial Relations

Corporate Regulations

Labour Agreement

Tax & Bankruptcy

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Dispute Cases





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Family Law




Child Custody

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Other Cases

Criminal Lawsuit

Property (Real Estates)

Insurance & Medical

Class Action

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Need to Consult?

We provide a FREE initial consultation service to explore the needs and problems of you or your company, so that we can provide the necessary legal service solution accurately.

Primary Practices

Several types of cases that we usually handle for our clients:

  • Criminal Cases
  • Business Cases
  • Family Cases

The Board

Esar Pusakawardhana, SH, MH

Esar Pusakawardhana, SH, MH

Founder, Managing Partner & Attorney

Jhody Arya Prabawa, SE, MSi., ACP, CLA, CIIBH, CTNCA, Ht.P

Jhody Arya Prabawa, SE, MSi., ACP, CLA, CIIBH, CTNCA, Ht.P

Co-Founder & Lead Auditor

M. P. Wardhani, SSos., BKP, KHP

M. P. Wardhani, SSos., BKP, KHP

Certified Tax Consultant & Licensed Tax Attorney

Henra, SH, MH

Henra, SH, MH

Advocate & Legal Consultant

Some Of Our Clients

What They Say…

“The cooperation between us has been very rewarding. Our company continues to trust this team extensive legal experience. Through honest and direct communication, we have an understanding and comfort that all matters are handled professionally, effectively and efficiently.”

Hans Karundeng

President Director, PT. Sumber Utama Alam

“Kerjasama yang terjalin sangat bermanfaat bagi Perusahaan kami. Mendapatkan pelayanan yang terbaik dan berkualitas. Kapanpun dan dimanapun, disaat kami membutuhkan masukan, selalu diterima dan ditanggapi dengan cepat. Sukses selalu!”

Bernard Ariono

Corporate Secretary, PT. Encona Inti Industri

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