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“What makes us different can definitely make us better, but what makes us greater is by working together to become stronger than ever.”

~ Jhody A. Prabawa


“We want to change the way we deal with Poverty. Not by Charity, nor by Pity. But by providing Strategy, to access fundamental Knowledge and Opportunity, to blend Skills and Abilities, for a better Humanity with Dignity.” ~ Jhody A. Prabawa

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Let’s face it! Indeed money is not everything although everything nowadays needs money. And money is not a goal as well, and it never was, since money is merely a tool, a means to an end. Yes, money could never buy happiness, ever! But to live life in this world as a human species, it costs us some money whether we like it or not.
Everyday, we see homeless children and angry teenagers roaming the streets everywhere. It’s not that they don’t want to change their lives and future, but they just don’t know where to start. So, to us, this is one best opportunity to share them what we know and experienced to give them the readiness once opportunity knocks on their lives!
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Our History
New Emerging Forces (NeFo – Bung Karno) inspired us the abbreviation of NeFo – NeoSentra Foundation
We saw The Light at the end of the tunnel
We were reaching hard for The Light
We walk with The Light eversince
Together, Let’s Build Our Dreams Into Reality…

“LUCK is no more than an opportunity entangles with a very good preparation. We can’t control opportunity, but we can definitely control the preparation. To be in the right place at the right time is obviously never enough, since we also need to be The Right Person for that very moment. So when the moment comes, embrace it by being in the right place at the right time as the right person!”

~ Jhody A. Prabawa

Vision is the core, the essence of every action. Once we found our Biggest WHY, then the road will begin to unfold itself. Ask your self WHY, WHY ME, WHY NOT, WHY NOT NOW, and once you found the answers, your soul will flourish. We know excatly why we are doing this, do you?

Impossibility is one of the greatest food for thought. For the loosers, it is paralyzing and needs to be avoided. But for the winners, it is like a list of menu on the things that no one yet to accomplish, thus provide the possibility to be that person to accomplish it. Now, think about 3 ways you can change your life that you can start immediately, and execute it TODAY!

You see, failure is merely a step of the ladder to go higher. But it only happens if we know what to learn from those failures. It prepares you for the bigger event. It even also strengthen your mental state. But usualy it is FEAR that keeping you from moving forward. So put fear in it’s place, to let you know what the hazards are. Learn from your mistakes and run bravely toward your biggest goals in life, with a good plan and the best preparation. And opportunity will present it self…

Tell us about your ideas.
We believe that like will attract like. Unity and Uniqueness is indeed the key ingredients. So why don’t we start exploring the possibility of bringing more good things to life, together?

We are a non-profit oriented organization that are focusing on the empowerment of the youngsters through education in economy, social, cultural and environmental orientation towards a better life by bringing out the best version of ourselves and inspire others to do the same, anywhere anytime.
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