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Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better (Jim Rohn)

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The Place to Build Dreams Into Reality

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"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows" ~Epictetus

NeoSentra Learning Culture (NLC) is one of the key ingredients that contributes to our best efforts and successes.

NeoSentra Group consists of NeoSentra Corpora Indonesia (NeoSentra Corp.), NeoSentra Raksha Garuda (NRG), NeoSentra Internusa Cipta (NeoSentra Inc.), NeoSentra Garda Nusa (NeoSentra Foundation – NeFo), NeoSentra Loka Adi Wangsa (NeoSentra L.A.W) & House of DhitiDeity (Kaini, Chef-D, etc).

NeoSentra Group is focusing in these businesses such as VC (Venture Capital), EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Integration & Construction), 3CTC (Coaching, Consulting, Counseling & Training Center), CSV (Creating Shared Value), Law Firm (Counselors & Attorneys at Law), Legal Aid Institute (LBH), and FF&B (Fashion, Food & Beverage).

The Group

We strongly believe that the right People at the right Time in the right Place with the right System will eventually generate the Best out of everything. At least, that’s how we GROW!

Venture Capital, Business Incubator & Accelerator


Engineering, Procurement, Integration & Construction (EPIC)


Coaching, Consulting, Counseling & Training Center (3CTC)


Law Firm – Counselors & Attorneys at Law


NeoSentra Foundation

NeoSentra Garda Nusa (NeFo) is the Foundation of NeoSentra Group in extending Our CSR & CSV to the world.

LBH NeoSentra

NeoSentra Loka Adi Wangsa (NeoSentra L.A.W.) is a Legal Aid Institute to serve society in needs for legal support.

House of DhitiDeity

DhitiDeity Production is the place for women empowerment through Fashion, Cakery & Bakery, and Healthy Lifestyle.

Brief History of NeoSentra Group

The seed of NeoSentra Group had originally begun in 1997 when The Founder created NeoSentra Colosseum as a Think-Tank Group to discuss the variety of topics for intellectual exercises and contributions among Student Movements prior to Indonesia’s political turmoil. In 1999, the group was changed into a more socially active movement and became known as NeoSentra Foundation (NeFo) based on the jargon by Former President Soekarno, New Emerging Force. NeoSentra itself means A New Center, or in a more self-explanatory terms, a Paradigm-Shift, a new way of seeing the world, and thinking not just out of the box, but also to realize that there is no box.

Having had a series of collaborations with many socio-entrepreneur groups, in 2001, NeoSentra Group came into being as a spirit to inspire and empower Young Leaders and start-up Entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business ecosystem that envision a learning society to represent those who want to build their dreams into reality by harnessing their capabilities of translating visions into actions. In 2004, the group experienced a hardship and forced to learn a very valuable lessons in life and business, that is to strive no matter what, and continuously build and rebuild the underlying visions even further, as a spirit with a dream and crystal clear end-goals.

Today, NeoSentra Group is reaching even higher than before, aiming towards mutual benefits of collaborative business view, where strategic partnership with all relevant entities are highly honored and will become challenges on how to generate an interdependent SocioEcoPreneurship environment in all levels of business and education widely, together. In all we do, We always begin with a question of why do we do this, and we are clearly determine to deliver the positive result and bring impact on each and every single one of our partner. The possibilities are endless!

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla