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Internship Program

A legal internship can give the interns opportunity to grow beyond their skills in any aspects of the entire legal industry.

On The Job Training Program

Having a strong and successful training strategy will help to develop our own brand, including the benefits for trainee as well.

Legal Aid Institute (LBH)

Legal aid is the provision of assistance to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system.
The Clients
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What the clients say
The cooperation between us has been very rewarding. Our company continues to trust this team extensive legal experience. Through honest and direct communication, we have an understanding and comfort that all matters are handled professionally, effectively and efficiently.
Hans Karundeng

President Director, PT. Sumber Utama Alam

Kerjasama yang terjalin sangat bermanfaat bagi Perusahaan kami. Mendapatkan pelayanan yang terbaik dan berkualitas. Kapanpun dan dimanapun, disaat kami membutuhkan masukan, selalu diterima dan ditanggapi dengan cepat. Sukses selalu!
Bernard Ariono

Corporate Secretary, PT. Encona Inti Industri

The Board

Esar Pusakawardhana, SH, MH

Esar Pusakawardhana, SH, MH

Founder, Managing Partner & Attorney

H. Jhody A. Prabawa, SE, MSi., ACP, CLA, CI-IBH, CT-NCA

H. Jhody A. Prabawa, SE, MSi., ACP, CLA, CI-IBH, CT-NCA

Co-Founder, Lead Auditor & Senior Consultant

Marolop Tua Sagala, SH

Marolop Tua Sagala, SH

Advocate, Capital Market Legal Consultant & Curator

M. Aro Yosyarin, SH, MH

M. Aro Yosyarin, SH, MH

Research & Development, Attorney

Hendra, SH, MH

Hendra, SH, MH

General Secretary & Attorney

Cornel Rosendoyo Asih, SH

Cornel Rosendoyo Asih, SH

Supervisory Board & Attorney

Yan Mamuk Djais, SH, MH

Yan Mamuk Djais, SH, MH

Legal Coordinator & Attorney

Metty Puspawardhani, SSos., SH, BKP

Metty Puspawardhani, SSos., SH, BKP

Certified Tax Consultant & Tax Law Legal Consultant

La Ode Tamsil, SH, MH

La Ode Tamsil, SH, MH

Legal Coordinator & Attorney

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