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NeoSentra Group

We bring out the best version of human potentials, personally and professionally

The Warriors

Our Team consists of a small number of individuals that strive to find the very best version of themselves, and express it to their surroundings as an organized contribution.
In NeoSentra, we work as one single organism with the same common vision, to present as much as possible benefits to society.
We trully believe in prices to pay whenever we want to achieve something. We tend to pay it forward for Our achievements.
We train Ourselves to have a real grit and resiliency. We bounce forward when we fall, and we become stronger under pressure.
F. Azis

F. Azis

Chief Financial Officer

Metty Puspawardhani

Metty Puspawardhani

Chief Operating Officer

Indah Kembang Lia

Indah Kembang Lia

Chief Commercial Officer

Dicky Rinaldo

Dicky Rinaldo

Chief Marketing Officer

Esar Pusakawardhana

Esar Pusakawardhana

Chief Legal Officer

Joviel A. Prabawa

Joviel A. Prabawa

Chief Information Officer

New way of seeing the world

For the next generation to live the next civilization

The world is moving fast nowadays. It leaves behind everything and everyone that can not cope. So let’s focus on the things that We are in power of, it is Ourselves.

And always be prepare on what’s to come. For whatever that may come, if it is happening, then it is meant to happen. This is how We should train Our mind, and the youngsters.

Inspiring Others

Inspiration is the core of Our actions. It moves Us toward Our Goals. We start from The Mind (Cipta), The Emotion (Rasa), and The Action (Karsa). And then, We let go.

Purpose Driven

We firstly identify the reason for being, the cause, the why. Then We define the what and the when. Finally, we design the how and lastly, we simply committed to finish it.

Jhody A. Prabawa


The Master Coach

Jhody A. Prabawa has spent more than 20 years as a Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Consultant, Master Trainer, Martial Art Instructor, Lecturer, and Senior Executive in many sectors such as Infrastructures, Education, Energy, Engineering, Mining and Construction, from several Multinational Corporations. In his spare time, he will most likely choose to be a musician and a story-teller. At NeoSentra Group, one of the subsidiary is handling EPIC Business (Engineering, Procurement, Integration & Construction) with main focus on Green Energy & LED Lighting Products for Indonesia Market, partnering with a world-leading UK LED Lighting Manufacturer.

Jhody A. Prabawa is also known as an expert in the fields of Transformational Life Coaching (TLC), Psychotherapy & Biohacking. He helps individuals ranging from students to professional executives in making any necessary life-transformation based on their unique potentialities (Purpose Driven), and translating it into a workable system in day-to-day activities. This method was created in 2004 and modified later with Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) and Hypnotherapy to help more people deal with their life purposes in any walks of life, including Mind Advancement, Habits Changing, Leadership Styles, Peak Performance & Entrepreneurship.

Today, with one of NeoSentra Group subsidiary, he provides a wide range of his 3CTC (Coaching, Consulting, Counseling & Training Center) programs – from individual and group coaching including hypnotherapy for various psychological conditions, to business consulting and management training, including motivational seminars and inspirational keynote speeches, based on his international certifications of expertise and ongoing Doctorate Program. You can also join him in several of his social, spiritual and environmental activities with NeoSentra Foundation (NeFo) & NeoSentra Life Technology (NLT), a Virtual Academy to enhance and empower human mind technology for a better way to live this amazing life.

“If you wanna catch the future, you need to take lessons from the past, and make a good use of it in the present.”

~ Jhody A. Prabawa

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CEO of NeoSentra Corp.

The Founder of NeoSentra Group