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The 7P of Our Philosophy

People, Purpose, Passion, Professional, Profit, Public & Planet

NeoSentra Corp.

Operational Office:

Rasuna Office Park Blok. NR-08, Komplek Epicentrum

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia (12960)

NeoSentra Group Brief History

The seed of NeoSentra Group originally begun in 1997 when The Founder created NeoSentra Colosseum as a Think-Tank Group to discuss the variety of topics for intellectual exercises and contributions among Student Movements prior to Indonesia’s political turmoil. In 1999, the group was changed into a more socially active movement and became known as NeoSentra Foundation (NeFo) based on the jargon by Former President Soekarno, New Emerging Force. NeoSentra itself means A New Center, or in a more self-explanatory terms, a Paradigm-Shift, a new way of seeing the world, and thinking not just out of the box, but also to realize that there is no box.

Having had a series of collaborations with many socio-entrepreneur groups, in 2001, NeoSentra Group came into being as a spirit to inspire and empower Young Leaders and start-up Entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business ecosystem that envision a learning society to represent those who want to build their dreams into reality by harnessing their capabilities of translating visions into actions. In 2004, the group experienced a hardship and forced to learn a very valuable lessons in life and business, that is to strive no matter what, and continuously build and rebuild the underlying visions even further, as a spirit with a dream and crystal clear end-goals.

Today, NeoSentra Group is reaching even higher than before, aiming towards mutual benefits of collaborative business view, where strategic partnership with all relevant entities are highly honored and will become challenges on how to generate an interdependent SocioEcoPreneurship environment in all levels of business and education widely, together. In all we do, We always begin with a question of why do we do this, and we are clearly determine to deliver the positive result and bring impact on each and every single one of our partner. The possibilities are endless!

The 7P of NeoSentra:

1. People

2. Passion

3. Purpose

4. Prowess

5. Profit

6. Public

7. Planet

“To Become The Most Valuable Entity For Humanity”

“Build Dreams Into Reality by Translating Our Vision Into Actions”

Enhance Our Team Capabilities
Refine Our Business Processes
Strengthen Our Customer Relationships
Optimize Our Strategic Partnerships
Empower Our Networks Potentials







1. PhotoVoltaic Module (Solar Panel).

2. LED Lighting Applications & Smart System.

3. Food & Beverage Product Creation.

  1. System Integrator for Renewable Energy & Green Technology Applications.
  2. Installer for Telecommunications Tower Construction.
  3. One-Stop Solution on Coaching, Counseling, Consulting & Training Center (3CTC) for Corporate, Executive, Group, Government, Student & Individual Client.

NeoSentra Group of Companies (NGOC)

PT. NeoSentra Corpora Indonesia (NeoSentra Corp.) is the Holding Company of NeoSentra Group., with an aim towards NeoSentra 7P Philosophy (People, Passion, Purpose, Prowess, Profit, Public & Planet). The Big Vision of NeoSentra Corp. is to become the most valuable entity for humanity by building great dreams into reality, and translating the vision into executable actions. NeoSentra valued Integrity, Spirituality, Loyalty, Authenticity & Mutuality, as the core values of the group.

PT. NeoSentra Raksha Garuda (NRG) is a subsidiary company of NeoSentra Corp. handling EPIC Business (Engineering, Procurement, Integration & Construction), with several lines of business such as General Trading, Renewable Energy, Green Technology, LED Lighting System, Smart Monitoring & Control System, Internet of Things (IOT) Technology, Power Plant & Telecommunication Infrastructures.

PT. NeoSentra Internusa Cipta (NeoSentra Inc.) is a subsidiary company of NeoSentra Corp., focusing on 3CTC Business (Coaching, Consulting, Counseling & Training Center) to support variety of potential Start-up Entrepreneurs and emerging MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) in Indonesia.

NeoSentra Inc. also serves as a Holistic Life Technology Center by providing customised programs for Individual and Group Coaching on Leadership, Peak Performance, Personal Branding & Life Achievement Planning for emerging Executives or Entrepreneurs and their core team-players to be developed optimally.

The Training Materials & Curriculums are suitable as well for Corporate, Executive, Group, Government, Student & Individual Clients need, including the “On the shelf and Off the shelf” In-house Training Programs and other occasional events like Public Inspirational & Motivational Keynote Speaker.

On Consulting, NeoSentra Inc. provides holistic business spectrum (end-to-end) consulting from Business Model Designing, Value Proposition Defining, Digital Marketing Strategic Planning, Corporate Identity Branding, Business Plan Creation, Tax Planning & Complience, and Professional Legal Advice.

Personal, Group & Family Counseling with Holistic Psychotherapy Session also available with appointment directly lead by The Founder of NeoSentra Group of Companies (NGOC).

At the moment, NeoSentra Inc. also manages several quality brands in Culinary (Catering, Healthy Drinks, Cakes & Bakery) and Fashion Apparels.

What We Do

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is the next-generation lighting created through a series of combining exceptional color rendering, high brightness, high reliability, long life, and energy conservation technology. The green nature of LED will also helps us creating a more sustainable life for our future.

BG Electrical

BG Electrical are confident in the quality of our workmanship and materials. We are therefore proud to offer a substantial guarantee on all products. See product pages and data sheets, or contact your local sales representative for further information.


Masterplug is a member of the Luceco plc group of companies. A market leading supplier of portable power equipment through DIY outlets and brick & mortar retailers.


Ross is an integral part of the Luceco plc group. Other brands include BG Electrical, Masterplug and Luceco; together they provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ offer for accessories. With over 70 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of electrical accessories Luceco has gained an enviable reputation. Audio visual and home entertainment products.


Whether in a business or learning environment, BIG PAD interactive touchscreen LCD monitors enhance comunication and boost productivity. You get a “Pen-or-Paper” user experience that’s smooth, precise, and natural. Sharp’s wide choice of BIG PAD models with unique features-such as wireless connectivity for BYOD demand, a model aimed at huddle spaces, original software for making discussions more dynamic and involving, and smooth connectivity with Sharp MFPs-lets you take communication in boardrooms or classrooms to the next level.

Telecommunication Infrastructures

Emerging technologies constantly change the way we communicate in so many aspects of our lifes, thus telecommunications infrastructure becomes increasingly important to enable the dynamic flows of innovations and the civilizations itself.

Renewable Energy

Today we rely heavily on coal, oil and natural gas that will eventually becoming too expensive and environmentally damaging to use. In contrast, many types of renewable energy resources such as solar-energy and hydroelectric are now become the best alternatives for us in this planet.

“Members of The Board”

Jhody A. Prabawa

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NeoSentra Corp. (Holding)

Jhody A. Prabawa has spent more than 20 years as a Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Consultant, Master Trainer, Martial Art Instructor, Lecturer, and Senior Executive in many sectors such as Infrastructures, Education, Energy, Engineering, Mining and Construction, from several Multinational Corporations. In his spare time, he will most likely choose to be a musician and a story-teller. At NeoSentra Group, one of the subsidiary is handling EPIC Business (Engineering, Procurement, Integration & Construction) with main focus on Green Energy & LED Lighting Products for Indonesia Market, partnering with a leading UK LED Lighting Manufacturer.

Jhody A. Prabawa is also known as an expert in the fields of Transformational Life Coaching (TLC), Psychotherapy & Biohacking. He helps individuals ranging from students to professional executives in making any necessary life-transformation based on their unique potentialities (Purpose Driven), and translating it into a workable system in day-to-day activities. This method was created in 2004 and modified later with Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) and Hypnotherapy to help more people deal with their life purposes in any walks of life, including Mind Advancement, Habits Changing, Leadership Styles, Peak Performance & Entrepreneurship.

Today, with one of NeoSentra Group subsidiary, he provides a wide range of his 3CTC (Coaching, Consulting, Counseling & Training Center) programs – from individual and group coaching including hypnotherapy for various psychological conditions, to business consulting and management training, including motivational seminars and inspirational keynote speeches, based on his international certifications of expertise and ongoing Doctorate Program. You can also join him in several of his social, spiritual and environmental activities with NeoSentra Foundation (NeFo) & NeoSentra Life Technology (NLT), a Virtual Academy to enhance and empower human mind technology for a better way to live this amazing life.

F. Azis

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of NeoSentra Corp. (Holding)

F. Azis is a seasoned financial expert with lots of exposures in various Infrastructure Management Sectors such as Telecommunications, Water Utilities, Toll Roads, and Sea-Ports.

He has more than 15 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Merger & Acquisition, Negotiation, Financial Controller, Budgeting, Tax & Accounting, in several well-known Multinational Companies.

F. Azis holds a Bachelor Degree majoring in Accounting from University Of Indonesia (UI) and holds an Investment Manager License from BAPEPAM-LK Decree for more than 10 years of expertise.

Budi Wiyono

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of NeoSentra Corp. (Holding)

Being experienced for almost 3 decades in managerial fields, Budi Wiyono is appointed as Chief Strategy Officer of NeoSentra Corp. to handle strategic aspects of NeoSentra Group, specializing in State-owned Companies & Government Relations.

Budi Wiyono holds Bachelor of Management from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta. He began his career as Lecturer at several reputable Universities before joining Energy & Construction Industry, with a very strong background in Finance & Economics.

He is currently the President Director of PT. Energi Aplikasi Efisiensi Indonesia, and also listed as President Commissioner of PT. BPR Syariah Amanah Insani, while actively involved as Think-Tank Team for several Government Public Policies Support Groups.

Metty Puspawardhani

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of NeoSentra Corp. (Holding)

Metty Puspawardhani began her career in Mining Services Industry with one of the largest Multinational Company in Indonesia, handling Tax-related issues. She is also responsible for Group Tax Planning & Implementation in a leading Indonesian Telecommunication Infrastructure Company.

Metty Puspawardhani graduated from University Of Indonesia (UI) majoring in Fiscal Administration and earned Brevet License from Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes (DGT). She is currently finishing her law school while managing the daily operations of NeoSentra Group.

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Operational Office:
Rasuna Office Park Blok. NR-08, Komplek Epicentrum
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia (12960)

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